Introduction to Ronen Alejandro’s story

Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, April 26, 2015

20170108_033056000_iOS (2)My ancestors were Sephardic conversos. I discovered the family connection to Judaism in some odd habits of my maternal grandmother. I found the Jewish Messiah in the kindness of Christians who showed me love when I was a hungry and dirty little boy selling “chicles” on the streets of Torreón, Mexico, abandoned to the care of an impoverished grandmother by my biological mother, who left home at fourteen to be a cabaret dancer in the red light district of Francisco I. Madero, a dusty little town on the outskirts of Torreón. I learned Hebrew dance in Poland and studied theology in Italy. I have been a tour guide in Israel and have visited other countries, including Switzerland, Peru, Ecuador, and the United States. I live in Saltillo, Mexico, where I am a life coach and teach Hebrew and Arabic dance to people of all ages and religious affiliations. My life story may read like a picaresque novel, but the tales I tell are true.

Ronen Alejandro Medina Mendoza